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All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

FWC and Federal Partners

Time Presentations
9:00 Welcome. Ron Mezich, FWC
9:05 Update on Florida's Sea Turtle Stranding Trends. Morgan Wideroff, FWC
9:25 Update on the 2023 Marine Turtle Nesting Season in Florida. Simona Ceriani, FWC
9:55 Marine Turtle Management Update. Robbin Trindell, FWC
10:10 Pier Pressure: Incidental Captures of Sea Turtles at Gulf of Mexico Fishing Piers. Robby Brannum, FWC
10:25 Break
10:55 FWC Sea Turtle Lighting Team. Kristin Halley and Eric Seckinger, FWC
11:10 An Update on Imperiled Beach Nesting Bird Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines. Nick Vitale, FWC Staff
11:30 Federal Sea turtle Updates. Karen Frutchey USFWS and Brian Stacy, NOAA
11:50 Questions from Morning Session
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Wildlife Alert Update. Cyndi Stinson, Wildlife Alert
1:35 Managing Florida’s Habitats And Species Under Changing Conditions. Logan Benedict, FWC
1:50 Sea Turtle Sex Ratio Research. Jeanette Wyneken, Florida Atlantic University
2:10 Loggerhead Breeding Sex Ratios Across Florida. Jake Lasala, Ian Silver-Gorges, Brian Shamblin, Mariana Fuentes
2:30 Sea Turtle Academy STEM: Empowering Students to Build Solutions to Sea Turtle Threats. Sarah Rhodes-Ondi, Sea Turtle Conservancy
2:45 Questions from Afternoon Session
3:00 Break

Marine Turtle Grant Presentations

Time Presentations
3:30 Sea Turtle Tag Update. David Godfrey, Sea Turtle Conservancy
3:50 Behavioral Responses of Green and Loggerhead Sea Turtles to Fishing Gear and Bycatch Reduction Technologies. Janie Reavis, Inwater Research Group
4:05 Establishing Baseline Demographics and Health of a Globally Important Loggerhead Rookery. Sarah Hirsch and Justin Perrault, Loggerhead Marinelife Center
4:20 Critical Surgical Equipment for Intensive Care. Devon Rollinson-Ramia, The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory
4:35 Integrating Multiple Bio-Logging Techniques to Study Sea Turtle Behaviors and Stress Responses. Mariana Fuentes, Ian Silver-Gorges, Sophie Rosengarten, Coral Hooper, Sophie Mills and Joshua Manning, Florida State University
4:50 Questions
5:00 Adjourn

FWC = Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

USFWS = U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

NOAA= National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration