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The Permit Holder Meeting brings together leading sea turtle experts, state permit holders and dedicated volunteers to discuss current research, trends and emerging issues in sea turtle conservation across the state. During this meeting, FWC staff acknowledge the Permit Holders for the important work they do for marine turtle conservation and our agency – collecting nesting data, responding to sea turtle strandings, and rehabilitating injured marine turtles. From 300 to over 400 individuals involved in sea turtle conservation in Florida attend this meeting each year.

This annual meeting has become an essential part of the Florida Marine Turtle Protection Program and is vital in rallying sea turtle conservation partners. We are seeking your help to make this a special event for permit holders and sea turtle volunteers. Donations are needed to help sponsor catering, breaks, lunch and other event expenses. All donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making the 2020 Florida Marine Turtle Permit Holder Meeting a success with your financial support!

Sponsorship Level Donation Amount
Leatherback $2,500
Green $2,000
Loggerhead $1,000
Hawksbill $500
Kemp's Ridley $250

Sponsorship's are now closed.  Thank you for helping this year!!!

2020 FMTPHM Sponsors!!!

Come this way to see the meeting sponsors!

Seaturtle License Plate

The 2020 Florida Marine Turtle Permit Holder’s Meeting was funded in part by a grant awarded from the Sea Turtle Grants Program.